Today is the offical opening of the Amazing Day website and blog, so I guess I should share a little about myself....

My name is Ian and I am a self-taught photographer and artist from Kent. My goal as a professional photographer is to bring a mixture of fun, dynamism, creativity and fine-art influence into my photography as well as capturing the personalities and nuances of those i shoot. 

As a photographer, i'm not satisfied with satisfactory. I look to make pictures that people want to mount on their walls instead of ones that get tucked away in a dusty old album. It's about encapsulating precious memories in the way they deserve to be captured. I steer as far away as possible from cliche and bring my own take on the subject. So if you are of the same mindset as I, and are in the market for some two-dimensional time capsules then do not hesitate to get in touch, i'd be very happy to hear from you-

If you are not in the market for pictures at present, but like my work, you can follow my blog right here where I will be publishing personal works, stories on my photo shoots, personal reviews of photography equipment, and general banter and silliness. 


In my attempt at social omnipresence I also have an instagram profile, so follow me there if that is your favored social platform.

I also have a facebook page which will keep you up to date with upcoming promotional offers and events

First pics on the blog are of my gorgeous kiddies and some of the sights on a rather successful day at the beach in Broadstairs... No sunburn, minimal tears and tantrums and some fun pics to boot.

Thanks for visiting, come back soon as posts to this blog will be coming in thick and fast.

Much love x