As anyone who knows me will tell you I rarely leave the house without a camera, whether it be for a school run or a day trip. I like to be equipped in case anything extraordinary occurs, be it a rainbow appearing in the distance, or the emergence of a 40 ft 'firenado' (..YES they really exist - 

 ..and NO, i've never ACTUALLY seen one...) but if that day ever comes that Ashford is struck by a whirling vortex of flames, I will be there, camera in hand and ready for action! 


Where was i? Oh right.. so what I was saying is that I always have a camera nearby in case of stumbling across something worth snapping. So last year I was out on the beach in Camber with my daughter Izzy. She was bored of being Daddy's model (This is usually the case), and i was looking to make a beach shot on a part of the beach which offered a fairly underwhelming vista. So, instead of waiting for a freak weather condition to occur and make my shot, I made my own little piece of foreground interest and got this..


Cue Justin Timberlake..


Come again soon x